MINDBLOWN Discovery Telescope


The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Telescope gives you the power to observe the night sky like never before!

This toy telescope makes it easy to view objects in outer space – they will appear up to 100 times closer than they do with the naked eye! Explore stars, planets and even the moon’s craters!

This telescope features two powerful 50X and 100X lenses that allow you to see objects in outer space that are out of sight to the naked eye. We also include a 3X viewfinder scope to locate objects easier before you zoom in with the larger lenses. The tripod has all the features necessary to achieve the perfect view.

The tripod legs are adjustable and can expand and condense to allow for users of all sizes to comfortably use the telescope. The pan and tilt functions allow you for the perfect viewing angle.

MINDBLOWN Discovery Telescope

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  • 50X AND 100X LENSES : Powerful enough to see the moon and other celestial objects, the telescope can also be used for closer objects such as observing birds and nature from afar.
  • ADJUSTABLE TRIPOD : The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Telescope has an adjustable tripod, so you always get the best view of your target. The legs can extend or condense, and the tripod has pan and tilt to get the perfect viewing angle.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO OBSERVE THE GALAXY : The full set includes the telescope with 50X and 100X lenses, 2 lens canasters, 1 3X finder scope, 1 adjustable tripod, and 1 telescope lens cap!
  • EXPLORE OUR TOYS : We have toys for boys & girls of all ages : board games & puzzles, plush toys, easels & art kits, science sets & STEM building kits, remote control cars, boats, drones, robots & more!
  • Included : 1 telescope, 2 eyepiece lenses (50x/100x), 2 lends canisters, 1 finder scope (3x), 1 adjustable tripod, 1 telescope lens cap
  • Actual Product Weight (Not Including Gift Box) Pounds : 2.4
  • # Pieces In Set: 8
  • Features: Non-Toxic
  • Learning Skill: Science
  • Recommended Ages: 8 Years And Up
  • Measurements: 3.25 Width/Inches, 18.25 Length/Inches, 19.5 Depth/Inches
  • Base Material: 65% Plastic, 30% Metal, 5% Glass
  • Care: Wipe Clean
  • Country of Origin: Imported


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