Stuff a SWAT truck events for local law enforcement Christmas toy drive is underway in the Upstate

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office SWAT truck will be visiting a few Upstate neighborhoods today and over the next couple of weeks in an effort to collect toys for LEO Santa’s eighth year of giving in it’s annual law enforcement toy drive.

 Give a gift that keeps on giving this holiday season by donating a new, unwrapped toy to LEO Santa’s Toy Drive. Each year, off-duty law enforcement officers gear up to hit the streets in search of children in and around the Upstate who may not have an abundance for Christmas. 

Often times, these officers have some sort of familiarity with the families and neighborhoods they visit. Some from past calls, others from neighborhoods with high crime rates or areas conditioned in poverty; these officers hit the beat for a “Bluelight Christmas” and a chance to show a different side of the badge.

This year, LEO Santa has organized several “Stuff a SWAT Truck” events to sweep generous Upstate neighborhoods for toys to give in this years toy drive.

Beginning with just one patrol car eight years ago, this toy drive gained immense traction last year when it grabbed national media attention for its heartfelt outreach & generosity. This year, LEO Santa has branded its concept hoping other law enforcement agencies will join in the fun and extend their reach to outskirt communities as well.

Noel Jones and her husband, a local deputy lead this effort with other off-duty officers each year. In 2020, the City of Greenville Police Department teamed up and split into a separate route while the county covered its own jurisdiction. All together, over twenty-five cruisers hit the town in a remarkable holiday dash that put smiles on the faces of several miles worth of families who were not expecting to see police officers for Christmas.

–On this day, law enforcement has just one mission; to spread Christmas joy!

“Our community has been so generous in support of our mission and this year we are looking forward to our biggest year to date.” Noel tells us this year is off to a great start after kicking off a private fundraising event. In addition, LEO Santa is adding even more participating drop-off locations and several other law enforcement agencies have joined forces, extending LEO Santa’s mission to their local  jurisdictions. 

That’s not all! A radiothon event coming up on December 8th & 9th is going to offer locals a drop-off point at Bon Secours Wellness Arena for added convenience. With so much support, LEO Santa hopes to collect enough toys and resources this year to outshine previous years results.

Coordinating “Stuff a SWAT Truck” events in dense neighborhoods is going to make giving a little easier for some folks this year, no doubt. By channeling neighborhood facebook groups and residential associations, LEO Santa has already swept a few cheerful neighborhoods with six remaining stops scheduled through December 12th. “Toy central” is already starting to take shape for 2021 and it’s looking like a busy, impactful, giving season ahead.

Bart McEntire, Left, Noel Jones, right, and other volunteers pack toys into carts before putting them in Greenville County Sheriff's Office and Greenville Police Department squad card Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020. JOSH MORGAN/STAFF

Stay tuned to our calendar below for the latest information on “Stuff a SWAT Truck” events, donation drop-off locations and specifics, + more from LEO Santa. Interested in partnering with us this year as a drop-off location? Visit our partner page for additional details.

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